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Well, we’ll see how long the return is for.  It’s been a long time since I added a kick ass custom to the front page, but I had some time to kill before my training this morning, so I figured I would throw something up here, especially work that is so well deserved.

Over at, member Wry1 has been doing both fan art and customs that have absolutely blown me away.  I’m not sure why I haven’t featured them on the site sooner, but I could hold off no longer.  It’s hard to just pick out one good piece, so I figured I’d just link his latest thread which features his takes on Scarlett, Ripcord, and Rock n Roll.  They are amazing.  If G.I. Joe was real world, current day military, this is what I’d want them to look like.

He goes in better detail over on the site, but for now, I’ve also mirrored a few of the images below.  They’re worth checking out.

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