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So I posted the review for the upcoming Ninja Showdown 3-Pack Kamakura yesterday, and received a few questions from members.  Questions that I thought should be addressed here as well, because I had to tweak the review a bit and add some images.

There was some concern about the hood, and as I thought about it, I really couldn’t understand why the hood didn’t fit better.  Kamakura does have Resolute Storm Shadow’s head, after all.  Well, I experimented a bit last night, and it looks like the initial hood issue was probably temperature related.  For folks who aren’t aware, my review station is in my garage, which is unheated.  Trying to fit the hood on Kamakura was a fruitless endeavor, and the material was very stiff.

Well, I brought everything into the house, and once the hood softened up, it fit MUCH better, so I felt obligated to update some images in the review, and also post some more pictures here. Also, when considering homages to Kamakura, I focused a lot on the Devils’ Due look and his original uniform, but as Shin Densetsu pointed out…  Kamakura’s Valor Vs. Venom look is actually not too far removed from what we got.  So I tossed a comparison of that up there, too.

Check out the review for some added text and images, and I’ve also mirrored those new images below.  Sorry for any confusion!

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