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Another very cool update for the upcoming G.I. Joe: Initiate fanfilm!  Last week and this week they posted two new cast images, this time for Tunnel Rat and Chuckles.  The actors are really looking their part, and things are looking very high end.

I love how Chuckles image has a bit of a Cobra flair, like he might already be an undercover operative…

But as I said before, this great looking fan film needs our help.  They need to get gas for the actor’s cars, get them meals…and whatever profit they make goes straight to the Wounded Warriors charity.

They are currently hovering just about 50% of their goal, but we need to step up and do what we can to push them over.  Check out their Kickstarter page to help them out and keep up to date with the latest and greatest G.I. Joe: Initiate information at their Facebook page.

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