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There have been folks out there questioning whether the Collectors’ Club might extend the deadline for renewing memberships in order to accommodate folks who are concerned about using the current credit card system for renewals.

Last night, Brian Savage from Fun Publications sent out the following email:

“This update is going out to all members:

Due to the issue with processing credit cards we have currently suspended your ability to renew and join the club online. The deadline is coming March 16th for you to be eligible to receive the 2012 free club exclusives. 

On Monday, we will have a pdf online on the club site for membership renewals and new memberships that you can mail in with a check or money order.  We will process your membership as soon as they arrive.  

Please note that the March 16th deadline is a hard deadline (in house) so please make sure any mail is in the postal system by March 9th.  

If you want to receive the free club exclusive Footloose or Man of Evil, your membership must be active as of March 16th.  At the bottom of this email you will find your expiration date.  If it is after March 16, 2012, you are good to go for the 2012 figure.  

Also, please log into the club club site <> and ensure you have the figure selected you want to receive for this year, either 3 3/4″ or 12″.   

Thanks for your support and patience during this difficult time.


So the membership deadline remains the same if you want your Footloose, but they will have PDF forms available today so a check or money order can be used.