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As part of the Geekcast Radio Network, we were asked to come up with some “Top 5” and “Bottom 5” G.I. Joe items for 2011 as part of a yearly recap episode.  Well, the awesome guys at GCRN have allowed us to post our portion of the recap show as a stand alone on our Podbean Page.  Not a real long show, but a nice little bonus for folks who are feeding for more WOJM.  Hit up the embedded player below as well:

Along with this “lost episode”, Gary, the editing king, has also been posting some great outtakes on the Facebook page.  These are things that were cut from final recorded episodes.  Check out the What’s on Joe Mind Facebook page for full details.

Good stuff here and kudos to Gary for getting it all together and posted!  Keep checking our Facebook page to see what other little gems get lost on the cutting room floor.