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Why is it a landmark?  Well, if you count all of our regular episodes, plus all of the special editions, we have, from an episodic standpoint, now become the longest running G.I. Joe focused podcast on the internet!  We, of course, only have all of the listeners to thank for motivating us to continue pushing out this train wreck week after week…

To celebrate, not only did we get a barrage of voicemails and not only did we talk to Jason from Atomic Martians, but another Jason joined us on the episode this week…none other than Jason Marsden!  You might know him better as Duke from G.I. Joe: Renegades!

Knowing how much of a Renegades fanboy I am, you can imagine this was a huge treat for me and for the podcast, and we can’t thank Mr. Marsden enough for sparing an hour of his very busy life to join us on the show.

In return, locate him on Twitter and give him a follow to hear what latest projects he’s got going on, including a new original web series, Transformers Rescue Bots (airing February 18th on The Hub) and a lot more!

Check out the latest episode on our Podbean page or hit up the embedded player below.  Once again, a big thanks to Jason Marsden for joining us on the show, look forward to some more great guests for 2012!