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A lesson in podcasting, folks!  If you get a group of guys together for a couple of hours a week for 9 months straight, eventually tempers might flare… a bit.  Episode 39 is an example of this.  All of us on What’s on Joe Mind have very specific, dedicated ideas of what we want for the show, and some times those ideals don’t gel, and sometimes we get a bit heated.  I think that’s a good example of why the show is so well received.  We are all very opinionated and care very much about putting the best product out there as humanly possible.  Generally we’re able to talk out our disagreements off-air, but sometimes…  well those disagreements come out.

Regardless, I still think Episode 39 was a good one.  We had Chris Sims from Comics Alliance on the program, which unfortunately for him, put him front and center to some bickering, but I think the whole thing went well.  Don’t let Gary dissuade you.  😉

It was a host-packed show with Gary, Chuck, Greg, Justin, Craig, AND Mike all in the house alongside Chris Sims and I think folks will enjoy it if you can get over the spats.

Hit up our Podbean Page or listen via the embedded player below.  Onward and upward!