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Okay, first a post about potential custom fodder with Avengers toys, and now talking about Ghost Recon?  It’s “everything but G.I. Joe” day here at GeneralsJoes!  In all seriousness, anyone who has played the Ghost Recon games knows the aesthetic they go for, and it’s very “G.I. Joe” in theme.  So the fact that not only does Unimax have the license to it, but there are figure cases on pre-order is pretty cool.

Granted, there are no images as of yet, but based on Unimax’s track record with Crysis and Assassin’s Creed, I think we could be due for some very neat custom fodder or generic soldier troop building with this line.  Heck, maybe just the accessories…

Check out the pre-order right here, and I’ll keep everyone posted once we actually get some images!