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Sideshow Collectibles has been giving us their “Ask Sideshow” Q & A’s for a while now, but it appears they’ve moved their operations to Facebook.  In a post put up on Saturday, Sideshow reflects on an interesting G.I. Joe related question and an equally interesting answer:‎

“Question: When can we expect to see Great Joes like Snow Job, Mutt w/Junkyard,and Gung-Ho?

Answer: Of the Joes that we would like to tackle next, you’ve named two of our favorite four. Shipwreck is missing from your list, but who has the other slot? Hmmm…

So it certainly sounds like Shipwreck is on deck, and likely one other of the three above figures listed.  Any thoughts or opinions?  Check out the Sideshow Collectibles Facebook page and hit ’em up with a “Like” to stay up to date on all Sideshow news and info.