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Lots of preorder listed this week!  We have Thor Movie Action Figures, Captain America Movie Action Figures, GI Joe Pursuit of Cobra, Marvel Universe and Star Wars Saga Legends!  Check them out below!
Thor Movie Action Figures – Series 1 through 4 are listed as PreOrders!
Captain America Movie Action Figures – Series 1 and 2 are listed as PreOrders!
GI Joe: Pursuit of Cobra – These PreOrders include: Blowtorch, General Hawk, Steel Brigrade, Cobra (The Enemy), Cobra Commander, Jungle B.A.T., Snake-Eyes (Temple Guardian), Crazy Legs, Croc Master, Rock Viper, Viper, and Iron Grenadier
Marvel Universe Action Figures – Series 13 through 14 are listed as PreOrders!
Series 13 includes Cable with Baby, 1st Appearance Wolverine, Apocalypse, Gladiator, and Cyclops
Series 14 includes Doctor Strange, Falcon, Scarlet Spider-Man, Dr. Doom, and Skarr
Comic 2-Packs: Wolverine & Silver Samurai and Deadpool & Taskmaster
Star Wars Saga Legends Action FiguresThese PreOrders include: SL24 Obi-Wan EPIII, SL25 Stormtrooper, SL27 Death Star Trooper, SL28 Super Battle Droid EPIII, SL29 Mace Windu EPIII, SL30 Boba Fett EpVI, SL31 Destroyer Droid, and SL32 Spacetrooper