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Fellow Renegades fanatic kennywr22 noticed that MSN’s G.I. Joe: Renegades page has updated with a description for another upcoming episode, this time, “Knock Offs”.

“The Baroness is transporting a high-tech suit to Cobra Commander.”

Now, on first glance, that looks like no biggie.  Fairly typical Cobra themed episode, eh?  Well…  let’s take a look at the character bio for Zartan shall we?

A ruthless biker gang-leading thug, ZARTAN becomes a valuable asset to Cobra (and an incredible threat to the G.I. Joe team) when he stumbles upon and becomes the only person who can wear an experimental Cobra “chameleon tech” suit — giving him the ability to perfectly mimic the appearance, voice, and mannerisms of anyone the suit comes into contact with.”

Hmmm… “Chameleon Tech Suit”?  Could this be the suit that The Baroness is delivering?  The title “Knock Offs” also seems to indicate some sort of copy of something else (as Zartan might be using the suit to copy another person).  Could this mean we’ll soon see Zartan as he was meant to be?  Let’s hope.  Knock Offs is slated to air March 18th.  Seems so far away!  Time will tell.
Thanks again to kenny for the information!