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Now this is something you don’t see every day…  Compulsive Collector is a Twitter regular, and a friend of GeneralsJoes… and his support for Toys for Tots is almost legendary.  I see constant updates from him regarding purchasing items for Toys for Tots, donating items, and just supporting the cause in general.  For toy fans, this is a terrific cause.  I mean, we’re all where we are right now essentially because we either bought some really cool toys, or received them as gifts when we were kids.  Imagine if your family didn’t have the money for these items?  Imagine if you couldn’t buy that latest, greatest Snake Eyes figure because you simply couldn’t afford it?
Donating G.I. Joe figures to Toys for Tots not only ensures kids everywhere get some awesome toys, but it also spreads some brand awareness.  Nothing wrong with that.
Compulsive Collector is going one step further…he is auctioning off a one-of-a-kind plush Cobra Commander.  Yes, plush.  He’s cute and wants to rule the world!
Check out the mirrored images below, or check out the auction directly right here.

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