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Those awesome Joefans to the North just keep on coming out with these great online newsletters…  a ton of work and time goes into these things, and I feel a sense of disappointment in myself that I didn’t have a chance to submit a portion of my review for the latest Canadian JoeCon set from last year…but even so, there is some great content in there.
This month’s issue includes a Christmas Canuckleheads comic and as always, some great articles here, and don’t forget to let us know what you think about it on the message boards.
As always, all past issues can be read here.
Content includes: “Main Page”, “Completing Your Holiday Wishlist or Daddy wants a new bandsaw”, “2010 CanJoecon CHROME Prototype “, “Meanwhile, Back In The Comics: Operation: Redesign!”, “Canuckleheads : Silent Night”
The content within is terrific for not just Canadian Joe fans, but for Joefans everywhere.  Check it out!