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Shame on me for not noticing this earlier, but a huge thanks to “Mac” a GeneralsJoes commenter who set me straight.  I know a lot of folks have been focusing on how cool it is that the Renegades production team are including Michael Bell and BJ Ward (who voiced Duke and Scarlett in the original Sunbow series) as parents to the Renegades Duke.
Well, that’s not the first Sunbow tribute we’ve seen in Renegades.  In fact, just in the past “The Return of the Arashikage” 2-parter, if you thought you recognized the Hard Master’s voice, that’s because you probably did.  He was played by Keone Young, who was none other than Storm Shadow himself in the original Sunbow series!
THAT is awesome.  Kudos to the folks behind G.I. Joe: Renegades for working these terrific tributes into the show.