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Sideshow Collectibles is currently holding a “12 Days of Sideshow” event, where they celebrate 12 secret product reveals for some upcoming Sideshow Collectibles items.  Well, we’re only on Day Two, and already Joe fans have quite the treat!
A quick look at the below image shows us a little sneak preview at an upcoming General Hawk figure!  But who is that behind Hawk?  Looks to be an African American…in a beret…  Stalker!  And, with Beachhead covering their flank, you can also see that the figure looking at them is none other than a Cobra Viper!
Stalker, Hawk, and a Cobra Viper all revealed in one image.  Looks like 2011 could be another banner year for Sideshow.  The mirrored image is below, but you can also check out the 12 Days of Sideshow right here.