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IGN is at it again, this time featuring another two full minutes of G.I. Joe: Renegades footage pulled from the two part series premier which airs Friday, November 26th at 5:00pm!  Giving us a brief introduction to several of the main characters and a nice peek at some action against the Bio-Viper, we start getting a better idea of what to expect from this new series.
While there certainly seems to be a somewhat humorous element, that’s mostly overshadowed by the action, and even with lasers instead of bullets, the firefight is pretty tense.
I will say right up front that I seriously hope the Bio-Viper does NOT become the defacto Cobra enemy in the series.  I don’t mind seeing them appear once in a great while, but if all of a sudden the Bio-Vipers make up the backbone of the Cobra army, I will be annoyed.  I want to see plenty of human-on-human combat here, too.
Check out the embedded clip below.

Thanks to the MS GulfCoast GIJoe Collectors Club for the heads up!