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GI Joe Convention Exclusives in Stock
We still have some of the 2010 GI Joe Convention Exclusives. Para-Drop Flint, the limited edition Red Shadows Secret Base, Red Shadows Staff Car, bagged and boxed 15 figure Vacation in the Shadows sets, and the Z-Force action figure 3 packs with Jammer, Lifeline, and Gaucho. We also have the GI Joe Club exclusive figure Big Lob, made in the old school “O” ring style. This figure was never produced after Big Lob’s appearance in the 1987 film, now is your chance to add him to your collection!
Coming this week
In stock this week we will have the new Gentle Giant Slave Leia in her famous metal bikini! This Leia bust comes with a Vibro Ax and is a hand numbered limited edition. Leia stands 6.5 inches tall and is cast in poly-stone; no details were overlooked by Gentle Giant while creating this bust it looks fantastic!
Also in stock this week from Gentle Giant is the Clone Wars Commander Gree Maquette. Gree stands 9 inches tall and is cast in poly-stone to Lucasfilm’s high standards. He is displayed in Phase I clone trooper armor holding the very deadly DC-15A Blaster Rifle! Just like Leia the Commander Gree Maquette is a hand numbered limited edition.

Gentle Giant Harry Potter PreOrders

Now available for pre-order are the Gentle Giant Harry Potter Mini Busts and Gallery Collection Statues. Just in time for the new Harry Potter release The Half-Blood Prince! This new series of mini busts has 7 different characters from the movie that have been created from digital scans of the actors. Gentle Giant is also releasing a 1/4 scale Voldemort Gallery Collection Statue clothed in a tailored fabric costume along with a 1/4 scale Harry Potter Gallery Collection Statue that come with real fabric clothing. These statues are huge measuring in at over 17 inches tall!
New Transformers Arrivals
The Exclusive Transformers Generations Mini-Cons have now arrived! Priced at $6.95 these are ready to go!
Up first we have Mini-Con Swash Plate; this Mini-Con is a redeco of Cybertron Jolt from the Recon Mini-Con Team. Made from the same molds as Jolt, Swashplate is done in yellow and transforms into a helicopter. He is also able to attach to other figures via the Powerlinx port. Since Swashplate comes in yellow he will look great attached to the yellow Jolt from the Armada Series!
The next action figure is the Mini-Con Drivetrain, allied with the Decepticons Drivetrain transforms into a red truck. He is a redeco of Cybertron Reverb from the Recon Mini-Con Team and is made from the same mold as Reverb. Just like the originals he attaches to other figures via the Powerlinx port.
Decepticon allied Mini-Con Panhandler is a redeco of Classics Sledge, who was a member of the Demolition Team. This redeco is done in blue and black and also has the Powerlinx port. Ready to smash some Autobot bases?
Mini-Con Break Neck, is a redeco of Six Speed from the Recon Mini-Con Team. Break Neck transforms into a white LeMans style race car which looks great compared to the original green. Just like the other exclusive Mini-Cons Break Neck is made from the original molds and has the Powerlinx port.
If you missed the Recon Mini-Con Team 3 pack in 2005, you can pick up Drivetrain, Swashplate, and Break Neck and have a redeco’d Recon Mini-Con Team!