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As anyone who has seen my screen name knows (not to mention the name of the site itself) I’m a pretty big fan of the General Hawk character.  Even as a kid, I loved how Hama portrayed him in the comics, and was endlessly annoyed that he somehow got blacklisted from the animation merely based on his resemblance to Duke.  Heck, even when he appeared in Season 2, he had his hair color changed and didn’t seem to retain any of the hard-edged personality that I loved from the comic book.
However, I fully acknowledge that most folks know Hawk from his appearances in the cartoon, and the brown bomber jacket is certainly his iconic look, so I will admit, even though he’s in his ’86 togs I’m pretty freaking giddy to see him in the below Sideshow Production Blog:

Looks very cool. It should be noted there’s another figure in the background, which is labeling as “Grunt”, but there’s no proof I can see that this is the case. Regardless, love these behind the scenes peeks. Looking awesome.
Check out the production blog itself right here.