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Recently revealed that IDW would be relaunching their mainline G.I. Joe title with a “Season 2” in early 2011, the fans have been speculating a bit on what that really means.  Upcoming G.I. Joe artist Javier Saltares has posted a number of pages on his eBay store, which appear to reveal potential upcoming events in the G.I. Joe title.  The listings all appear in the “Completed Items” of the store.
Highlights of these pages are appearances of Storm Shadow and Zartan…and one particular panel could reveal some heavy spoilers.
Check out the link, or the images (at your own risk if you want to avoid spoilers) themselves.  Thanks to regular GeneralsJoes reader m6d for the intel!

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I’ll admit, I wasn’t too keen on the Saltares news…his style always seemed way too stylized to work for a more real world military book.  But I’ll be damned if these pages don’t look pretty nice.  Much more hard-edged and realistic than I’ve seen from him in the past, and I’m really liking this new take on Zartan (if that is who it is).