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A while ago I showcased some pretty neat stop-motion videos from VisorHUNgary’s YouTube page, and I’m happy to report he has updated once again!  G.I. Joe: Cobra Part 1 and Part 2 have been posted for a while, and now it’s time for Part 3.
You know, I thought the previous two parts were pretty neat.  This one is incredible.  His skills have obviously developed and evolved as he’s done more of these, and I am extremely impressed with how G.I. Joe: Cobra 3 (Part 1) is looking so far.  The gun fire, the action, the relatively seamless animation.  It’s really good stuff.
Check out the embedded video below, and be sure to hit up VisorHUNgary’s YouTube Channel to catch up on past installments of G.I. Joe: Cobra as well as some great Masters of the Universe stuff as well.

A big thanks to Storm for the info!