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Well, obviously we won’t know for sure until the episodes air, and these just MIGHT be spoilers (especially one key point), so I will post a list of potential episode plot details as I discover them within the G.I. Joe Renegades: Tactics game.  I’m going to try like hell do get through the whole thing so I can get as many details as possible.
From what I can tell by the basic storyline of the game, it seems to follow what we know about the Renegades animated series, so there is reason to believe certain events from the game will transfer over to the series.
Click the “Read the rest of the story” link below to find out all the juicy tidbits!

Various points seem to be pulled from the storyline as we know it, the game reveals some very juicy tidbits that might be interesting to Joe fans.  Some of these are BIG SPOILERS for the show (potentially, anyway).

  • Cobra Industries is a pharmaceutical company that puts on a good face
  • The Joe team works with Agent O’Hara to investigate (under the command of General Hawk)
  • They discover a hidden weapons lab in Cobra Pharmaceuticals
  • Snake Eyes is an independent agent who works for Scarlett
  • During their escape from Cobra Industries, the Joes are attacked by Mindbender and the Bio-Vipers
  • In the battle, Ripcord goes missing in the explosion at the lab.  Judging by the way Duke is speaking in the game, there is a slight possibility Ripcord is killed in action, or at least thought to be dead.
  • To escape Cobra Industries, the Joes steal a cargo truck (like we’ve seen in the clip, and it’s interesting to note in the clip, Ripcord is also missing).

Now, for whatever reason, the G.I. Joe: Renegades game halts after Level 5, but this is what has been revealed so far.  Certainly adds some intrigue as the Renegades premier looms a handful of days away…