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After doing a full blown inventory on all warehouse stock, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club store is having a massive sale!  Tons of items at really cheap prices, from past membership incentive figures to Rise of Cobra movie figures and more.
Check out the “Read the Rest of this Entry” link below for the full product listing!

This is the largest sale we have ever had!  After just finishing inventory, we have found many items that need to be cleared out to make room for this year’s coming projects!  We have also found some “odds and ends” that were held back in case of shipping damage.
In addition, we have prices on some of the older convention sets you won’t believe!  Check it out at!
Here are just a few of the items on sale:
Joe Items-(Officer Level Pricing)
99-01Warehouse Sale-1999 Continental Color Guard Convention Set (1 pc)reduced to $60 + shipping
00-01Warehouse Sale-2000 Flying Tiger Convention Set (1pc) reduced to $60 + shipping
00-02Warehouse Sale-2000 Flying Tiger Lapel Pin (1 pc)$1 + shipping
01-01Warehouse Sale-2001 Operation Pegasus Bridge Convention Set (1pc) reduced to $110 + shipping
04-10Warehouse Sale-2002 12 inch Clear Membership Figure (w/accessories) $8 + shipping
02-01Warehouse Sale-2002 Battle of Leyte Gulf Convention Set(+ extra jacket)(1pc)reduced to $60 + shipping
01-03Warehouse Sale-2003 Kursk- The Greatest Armored Battle of All Time(1pc) reduced to $70 + shipping
04-16Warehouse Sale-2004 3.75 Heavy Water Membership Figure (1pc) reduced to $5 + shipping
02-04Warehouse Sale-2004 Unknown Heroes of WWII Convention Set(1pc) reduced to $175+ shipping
05-20Warehouse Sale-2005 3.75 Jungle Viper Membership Figure (1 pc)reduced to $5+ shipping
01-05Warehouse Sale-2005 Battle of Britian Convention Set(1pc) reduced to $110 + shipping
06-23Warehouse Sale-2006 3.75 Nullifier (Red) (1pc)reduced to $5 + shipping
04-05Warehouse Sale-2006 Cobra’s Most Wanted: Mercenaries Convention Set(1pc)reduced to $185+ shipping
03-06Warehouse Sale-2006 Fight for Survival: Polar Bear Attack Convention Set(1pc) reduced to $200+ shipping
07-17Warehouse Sale-2007 3.75 Copperhead Figure (1pc)reduced to $5 + shipping
10-7-07Warehouse Sale-2007 JoeCon 12 inch Terror On The Sea Floor Convention Set(1pc)reduced to $200+ shippin
10-03-07Warehouse Sale-2007 JoeCon 12 inch White Underwater Explorer Vehicle $24 + shipping
10-06-07Warehouse Sale-2007 JoeCon 3 3/4 Tanks for the Memories Convention Set(1pc) reduced to $200 + shipping
07-14-08Warehouse Sale-2008 12 inch Club Exclusive Man of Asia Figure (1pc) $15.01 + shipping
11-27-10Warehouse Sale-2008 JoeCon Souvenir Hotwire with Mech & file card (1pc) $45 + shipping
02-01-08Warehouse Sale-2008 Man of Asia Accessory Set (no figure included) 1pc $15 + shipping
8-22-09Warehouse Sale-2009 Cobra Weapons Accessory Set (1pc) $5 + shipping
08-23-09Warehouse Sale-2009 GI Joe Weapons Accessory Set (1 pc) $5 + shipping
05-11-10Warehouse Sale-2010 GIJoeCon 3 3/4 (Para-Drop Flint) Parachute Figure (1 pc) $20 + shipping
11-21-09Warehouse Sale-3 3/4 DTC Club Exclu(Airtight/COfficer, LFalcon/Munitia/Python,Outback/NViper)7pcs $35.99 + shipping
68916 89078Warehouse Sale-3 3/4 Movie Single Baroness v1 Attack on the GI Joe Pit (1 pc)reduced to $2 + shipping
89096 89309Warehouse Sale-3 3/4 Movie Single Cobra Viper v1 Desert Ambush (1 pc)reduced to $2 + shipping
89096 89301Warehouse Sale-3 3/4 Movie Single Heavy Duty v1 Heavy Weapons Specialist (1 pc)reduced to $2 + shipping
89096 91728Warehouse Sale-3 3/4 Movie Single Heavy Duty v2 Reactive Impact Armor (1 pc)reduced to $2 + shipping
68916 89097Warehouse Sale-3 3/4 Movie Single Piece Cobra Commander v1 (1 pc) reduced to $2 + shipping
89096 91732Warehouse Sale-3 3/4 Movie Single Piece Deep Six v1 Combat Diver (1 pc)reduced to $2 + shipping
68916 89287Warehouse Sale-3 3/4 Movie Single Snake Eyes v2 Paris Pursuit (1 pc)reduced to $2 + shipping
68916 89077Warehouse Sale-3 3/4 Movie Single Storm Shadow v1 Ninja Mercenary (1 pc) reduced to $2 + shipping
68916 89288Warehouse Sale-3 3/4 Movie Single Storm Shadow v2 Paris Pursuit (1 pc)reduced to $2 +shipping
689160008Warehouse Sale-3 3/4 Movie Singles C1 Wv 109 (2-NeoVipers,2-Duke,SEyes,SShadow,Baroness,Destro) 8pcs $24 +shipping
89096-(89301,89302,89081)Warehouse Sale-3 3/4 Movie Singles(Heavy Duty Specialist, Zartan Master, Ripcord Delta-6) 3 pcs $9 + shipping
68916(89288,89075,76,77)Warehouse Sale-3 3/4 Mv Single Wv309(SShadowPPursuit,SShadowNMerc,SEyesNinComm,Duke D.Ambush) 4 pcs $12 + shipping
01-18-09Warehouse Sale-3 3/4 Operation Flaming M.O.T.H. (Jungle, Desert, Arctic, Pacific) set of 4 pcs $60 + shipping
10-16-10Warehouse Sale-40th Anniv #23 Combat Soldier Boxed Figure(fig/long box only, NO access sets) 1 pc $10 + shipping
10-14-10Warehouse Sale-40th Anniv #25 Dress Pilot boxed figure(fig/long box only, NO dress uniform set)1 pc $10 + shipping
10-15-10Warehouse Sale-40th Anniv #25 Dress Pilot Uniform Set Only(DOES NOT include fig/long box)1pc $10 + shipping
10-17-10Warehouse Sale-Lost Talker Soldier w/bonus40th Anniv #23 Combat Soldier Access Sets ONLY(4) (5pcs) $58 + shipping
10-21-07Warehouse Sale-Regular Joes Volume One (1 pc) $5 + shipping
05-22Warehouse Sale-Storm Shadow Unmasked (1pc) reduced to $5 + shipping