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I figured it was pretty much a done deal when the silhouette was shown alongside Dial Tone a short while ago, but the GI Joe Collectors Club has now confirmed that we will indeed be getting a Sea Adventurer to finish off the awesome Adventure Team figures, and he will come with a repainted Mantis vehicle from the Valor Vs. Venom and Rise of Cobra toy line.
Unfortunately, Lody from does not mention the initial source of this information, but I assume it’s from the latest Collectors’ Club newsletter, which should be arriving in some folks’ mailboxes currently.  Lody mentions the description saying that it will come with an Adventure Team Joe in blue, and a repaint of the Mantis submarine in white.
Toy Nutz, also on has also posted a customized version of the Mantis, with some approximation of what we might expect.  Gotta say, I’m not real big on the Mantis, but my twisted sense of completism will force me to pick this thing up.  The figure should be cool, and who knows, maybe I’ll warm up to the Mantis in person, but as it stands, not my first choice.
Check out the custom images below.  This is not necessarily an indication of what the final product will look like!

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For anyone interested in this item, or interested in more information from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club, hit up and join up!