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Most G.I. Joe fans who have been around know the name Mark Bellomo.  Long time G.I. Joe fan, toy authority, and writer of the Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe Volume 1 and the Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe: Volume 2, Mr. Bellomo has been around the block for a long time, and is about as well educated a toy guy as I’ve met in my decades within this industry.
As such, whenever he’s producing a new volume, I always pay close attention.  This time around, he chose not to focus on a singular toyline and instead broadened his attention to an entire decade, working with Krause Publications to release Totally Tubular Toys of the 80’s.
I’ve gotten my hands on this fine new book, and I’ve posted a review for it right here.  Trust me, if you’re a child of the 80’s, you want this book.  If you know a child of the 80’s, you want this book.  If you just like the toys from the 80’s, you want this book.  A terrific read that manages to go above and beyond mere toys, and really look at the entire commercial structure of our favorite decade.
Check out the review here.
And if you like the looks of the book, keep your eyes peeled to GeneralsJoes this week, as I’ll be interviewing the author Mark Bellomo and posting it later this week.  He’s a smart guy who knows the industry well, and always has some great insight.  It’ll be a must read, I guarantee it.