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Hitting comic shops tomorrow, the main IDW G.I. Joe title steamrolls towards its “Season Finale”.  This quick five-page preview features some flight practice with Mainframe and Dial Tone as well as some revealing details about Agent Helix’s opinion on human relationships.
Check out the information and the preview below!
G.I. Joe #24
Chuck Dixon (w) • Robert Atkins (a & c)
“M.A.S.S. Destruction” continues as Mainframe and Dial-Tone engage in long-range combat in the Hindu Kush using predator drones. They bring the fight to COBRA from ten thousand miles away and learn that, even in a virtual war, the heart can be a casualty. See StormShadow in action, and also, what will a captured COBRA Viper reveal to the Joes?
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

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