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Over on the GIJoeClub Message Boards, “The Commander” has posted yet another clue for the upcoming 2011 JoeCon Convention Exclusive set!

“These snakes like to hide in the heat!”

Sounds to me like we’re still talking about some  sort of Cobra jungle set…  and if they’re hiding, that would indicate camouflage.  And what’s the best camouflage Cobra has?  The Python Patrol technology rendered them completely invisible to radar and electronic detection… hmmm…  so at this point, we have three total clues:

  • “My, you look good in that camo pattern!”
  • “Time for a Rumble in the Jungle!”
  • “These snakes like to hide in the heat!”

So yes, it would certainly appear that a jungle themed battle involving two teams in camouflage would certainly apply.  I know Tiger Force is a popular suggestion…for some reason I don’t see it.  Python Patrol, though, that certainly sounds feasible.  Whatever it is, with the vast library of modern era tooling at their disposal, I think we’ll see some pretty cool stuff.
Continue hypothesizing!  The convention is relatively early in the year next year, so revelations should start coming soon, I would imagine.  Keep your eyes peeled to for all the latest details!