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A short while ago, it was revealed that Major Bludd was likely to be a part of the third episode of G.I. Joe: Renegades, with the episode entitled “The Package”.  Now we know who sends him after his target! has updated their line up for Friday, December 3rd, and included the following description:

“The Joes stop the Baroness’ mercenary from completing his planned assassination.”

Uh, spoiler warning next time?  From the looks of the listings on TV Guide, it would appear that the new episode of G.I. Joe: Renegades airs at 5:30pm, following a repeat of Episode Two.  Also on, there is a slightly more detailed episode breakdown, also featuring some information on Episode Four, Return of the Arashikage, Part 1.  The following description is listed for that episode:

“The Joes train with Snake Eyes at his dojo and learn about his connection to Storm Shadow and their shady shared past.”

By the sounds of this, we should see Storm Shadow early on in the series, and start learning about his connection to Snake Eyes pretty quickly.  Looking forward to checking these out!