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This week at Past Generation Toys:
### GI JOE ###
First up we have a Target Exclusive, GI Joe: Cobra Air-Viper with Rocket Pack from the GI Joe Movie: Rise of Cobra. Air-Viper pilots fly next-generation aircraft designed by MARS Industries. Like all top test pilots, these ruthless hunters of the sky are meticulous, detail-oriented problem solvers with an extensive knowledge of aeronautical engineering. Figure comes with stand, rocket pack accessory, elevating cannons and other weapon accessories.
Next we have the GI Joe Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) collection. These figures were a limited production of 2,000. Still available are Air-Tight, Cobra Officer, Copperhead, Lt Falcon, and Night Viper. We also have the BAT Troop Builder 6 pack; this 6 figure pack was only available by mail order and includes 1 OVERKILL, 3 Cobra BAT V2s, and 2 Cobra Inferno BATs
By the case, we have 12 figure cases from the GI Joe Movie: Rise of Cobra Collection 2 Wave 1 available today. These cases contain Shipwreck (x1), Heavy Duty (x2), Zartan (x2), Ripcord (x2), Breaker (x2), Cobra Viper (x2), and Scarlett (x1).

This week we have Bowen Designs Thor Mini-Busts available for pre-order. There are two versions of the Thor Mini-Bust, a Classic and a Modern. The Bowen Thor Classic Mini-Bust recreates the aesthetic from the classic Lee/Kirby era. This bust is over 9 inches tall to the top of Thors hammer, which features a real leather strap.
The Thor Modern Mini Bust portrays Thor in a modern style from the J. Michael Straczynski run. This Mini-Bust also measures over 9 inches tall and features a real leather strap.
We have the Bowen Designs Ulik Mini-Bust available now. Part of the race of Rock Trolls that dwelled in Asgard’s dimension, Ulik was blessed with unnatural strength and resilience. His people were often oppressed by the Norse Gods, and Ulik often came into conflict with Thor, the champion of Asgard. This raging Rock Troll is sculpted by Troy McDevitt and stands over 6 inches tall.
The next Thor related item is the Bowen Designs Loki Faux Bronze Statue. This is an awesome statue of Loki, it stands 12 inches tall and production was limited to 200.
### STAR WARS ###
In Stock this week we have the Sideshow Collectables Anakin Skywalker 12 inch with Rota the Hutt. Utilizing the fully articulated Pro male body Version 1.1 with 30+ points of articulation, the 12 inches Anakin Skywalker features an authentic Anakin Skywalker likeness.
Also for Star Wars fans this week we have the Kotobukiya Lightsaber Chopsticks (Hashi). Next time you go out for sushi you can bust these out and challenge the chef to a duel! We have 2 different sets available; both set include 2 different colored pairs of chopsticks (Hashi).
We still have a few DC Universe Classics Wave 15 available, figures that are not sold out are: Starman (Classic and Modern), Raven, Martian Hunter, and Golden Pharaoh. Get them while you can we will not be getting more of these.
Check it out we found some long lost cases of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen movie action figures!
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