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As we gear up for the 2011 Membership drive from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club, some more details can be had about the upcoming 2011 exclusive figure, a 25th Anniversary Dial-Tone.  Over on their Exclusive Figures page, the GIJCC has posted two silouettes, one for the Communications Officer, and one for the 12″ exclusive, the Man of the Sea.
From what we can see in the silouette of Dial-Tone (as well as what’s mentioned in the text), a few more details can be gathered:

  • Dial Tone will have a totally newly tooled head
  • The figure looks to be comprised of Buzzer’s Torso/Webgear, and Sgt. Airborne’s arms and legs.  Legs could also be Gung Ho, tough to tell for sure
  • He will come with his familiar machine gun and what looks to be a retooled backpack to match his vintage version

They also mention on this page that the Adventure Team Sea Adventurer should hit release in early 2011.
If you even think you might be interested in this Dial Tone figure, I strongly recommend you join up and ensure that you get it.  Big Lob sold out and I have absolutely ZERO doubts in my mind that Dial Tone will, too.  And probably pretty damn quickly.  Don’t miss this boat.