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Now that NYCC has wrapped up, we’re starting to finally get some good, nicely detailed reports about all of the panels and events that went on in the Big Apple this past weekend.  Among those reports was one from Comic Book Resources which focused on IDW and Hasbro’s joint panel and what to expect from their licensed titles over the next several months.  I will try and outline the various news items below.

  • G.I. Joe: Origins #23 is the final issue.  Editor Andy Schmidt revealed that G.I. Joe: Origins would end with the 23rd issue.  I’m not sure if this is sales related or that they simply had no more stories to tell, but regardless, after just wrapping issue #19, we’ve got about 4 more issues to go.
  • Christos Gage is leaving G.I. Joe: Cobra after issue #13.  I reported this during NYCC, but IDW confirmed it, also reporting that Mike Costa would handle the writing duties solo from then on.
  • G.I. Joe #27 will wrap up “Season One” of the main Joe title.  In April of 2011, G.I. Joe will begin “Season Two”, starting over from issue #0 and kicking off with a Cobra Civil War.  Schmidt also says that in April, the only Joe title taking place in IDW continuity that month released would be G.I. Joe #0.  Dixon will still be writing the title, but Javier Saltares will be tackling the art chores.

Schmidt also talked a bit about Infestation and how it ties into the G.I. Joe realm, and remarked that Joe fans did not seem very “chill” to the idea…at least not to the level of Transformers fans.
Some interesting news, to be sure.  I could have sworn that at one point I read that this latest issue of G.I. Joe was going to be the end of “Season One” but apparently that’s being pushed off a bit.  Chuck Dixon has been hit or miss for me throughout his G.I. Joe run, and honestly I’m not sure what I think of Saltares on the title.  Loved his stuff with Moon Knight, and his Ghost Rider work was pretty cool as well, but those are both very supernatural, dark, and gritty worlds.  I think G.I. Joe can be gritty (just see the Cobra title) but I’m not sure Saltares’ exaggerated style works real well in a pseudo-realistic military setting.  I’ll certainly give it a shot, though.
You can read the entire article right here, and thanks to The Terror Drome for the heads up!