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Throughout the online community there’s been some discussion about the promotion of The Hub (or perceived lack thereof), so I figured it would be of interest to readers to point them to an Adweek Interview with Hub Marketing Chief Amber Tarshis.
She talks about the marketing angle with The Hub and how they’ve used other networks (including other Discovery Network channels) to promote the coming of The Hub.  One really interesting nugget I’ve listed below:

“Every single network [in the Discovery family] is contributing in some way. That includes running commercials for the Hub free of charge to us and creating sponsored programming stacks. For example, the mom-targeted morning programming on TLC is sponsored by the Hub. We even have the Military Channel sponsoring a stack “brought to you by the new G.I. Joe Renegades.”

Pretty interesting to see them putting a stack on the military channel about the upcoming G.I. Joe series.  I know a lot of folks have also reported billboards throughout the country as well as web-based advertisements on various websites out there, too.
Check out the full interview right here.

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