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As promised the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has officially revealed the 2011 Membership Exclusive incentive figure, Dial Tone!
Where the infamous G.I. Joe Communications Officer has been given a recent sex change in the IDW and Resolute universes, the Collectors’ Club features him in his familiar 1986 glory, filling  a major hole in the 25th Anniversary line up.
Utilizing the torso from the 25th Anniversary Buzzer, arms and legs from Sgt. Airborne, and a newly tooled head and communications backpack, Dial Tone looks ready to fill in that vacancy in your 1980’s display shelf.  A great looking update, and a good path to start going down for the Collectors’ Club, I have a feeling this will draw new people in a big way.  Click the thumbnail preview below to check out the entire image!

Also of note is the newly shaded image for the upcoming Adventure Team “Sea Adventurer”…judging by the shadow, he looks to be coming with a repainted “Sting Raider” from the Valor Vs. Venom and Rise of Cobra line.  Very cool little tidbit!  Check it all out at!