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So yeah, remember when I posted the news item about the upcoming Dusty figure a couple of days ago?  Remember how I said it was a shame they were wasting time on this character rather than some of the more iconic characters?
Yeah, I’m a moron.  This figure is nasty.
All decked out in full desert camouflage, looking very much like his classic self but with some awesome modern elements it really captures every element of Dusty.  I love that they included his beret, the FAMAS is gorgeous, and the little diorama teaser is excellent, too.  The diorama itself is less exciting than what appear to be desert themed Cobra Troopers and even a little shot of Sandstorm!  Beauty.
I swore long ago that I would not be pulled into the Sideshow line, I simply don’t have the funds for it, but they’re making it pretty damned hard.  If they can make a fringe character like Dusty (and a character that I don’t really have an affinity for) so appealing…well, that really says something about their production values Very impressive.
Check out a few mirrored images below, and check out the full Gallery at the Sideshow Production Blog.

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Information on the figure is as follows:

“Remember that the Exclusive Dusty 12-inch Figure will be available for Pre-Order through the Sideshow Newsletter on Thursday, October 7th, which is typically published between 6PM and 7PM (Pacific Time). For those of you who can’t wait to see the full reveal of this G.I. Joe collectible, we’re posting the product gallery and info a bit early (see below).
The Exclusive Dusty 12-inch Figure, which will include an AC58 Anti-Armor Rifle Grenade accessory, will be priced at $129.99. Additionally, a Regular Edition, without Rifle Grenade, will be priced at $129.99 and available for Pre-Order. Both versions of Dusty 12-inch Figure will be sold on a first come, first served basis, and will have the FLEXPay option available as a payment choice when placing your Pre-Order. Make sure you log into your newsletter account on October 7th to secure this piece for your collection.[Sign Up for the Sideshow Newsletter][Newsletter Login]
Plus, be on the look-out for upcoming 1/6 scale G.I. Joe collectibles to display with our Dusty 12-inch Figure!”