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This is music to my ears…  Sideshow Collectibles posted their most recent Q & A, and featured a pair of G.I. Joe oriented questions.  I’ve mirrored those questions below:

I like the drivers in the 3 3/4 G.I. Joe line; are you considering characters like: Wild Weasel, Strato Viper, Heavy Metal, Keel-Haul, Steeler, Thunder, Wild Bill, Motor Viper,etc, etc.?

Yup, we’ve considered them – especially Wild Weasel. They’re distinctly possible, but not yet in the works.
When can we expect to see a Destro or Croc Master show up in your G.I. Joe line? And in what scale/version?

Destro is a lock for a late 2011 (or possibly early 2012) reveal, perhaps in two different formats at about the same time. Croc Master doesn’t have any definite plan, not yet.”

Can’t wait to hear more about Destro!  Great news.  Thanks to The Terror Drome for the information!