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While we have no confirmation as of yet for the rumored November 26th air date, G.I. Joe: Renegades artist Clement Sauve has updated his DeviantArt page with a very cool piece of Snake Eyes art, seeming to indicate that Renegades is indeed “coming soon”.
A big thanks as always to fellow Renegades enthusiast kennywr22 from for digging this up!

I know the quality of the art is subjective, but I’m still digging it, and I like that they’ve used an artist with some connection to the G.I. Joe mythology.  Clem’s work on the Dreadnoks DeClassified TPB cover and the covers to the America’s Elite “Sins of the Mother” arc with The Baroness are all pretty cool as well.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for November 26th…looking forward to it.