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For the first time that I can remember, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club exclusive incentive figure for 2010 has SOLD OUT.  According to this post on the GIJoeClub forums, the figure has sold through and is now out of stock.
This is a first for the Club exclusives…and if nothing else, I think it proves as a bit of a warning into potential things to come.  I was extremely fired up about getting an o-ring version of Big Lob, but most of the love these days focuses around the 25th Anniversary style and the characters…so when Dial Tone makes his debut next year, I think folks are going to want to sign up early.
While this might prove frustrating for some fans who might not have gotten their hands on the figure yet, I think it’s cool news for the Club, and hopefully they can find the right balance going forward between production and demand.