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Just got word from the guys at Apocalypse Comics who are helping with the guests and exclusives available at the New York ComicCon, and there is some cool things afoot for G.I. Joe fans!  Check out the release below.

“We will be bring two exclusive variants to this years New York Comic Con. The first is for Transformers #12, and is a homage to the classic Jack Kirby cover of X-Men #1. The second is for GI Joe #23 and is a homage to the unforgetable Apocalypse Now! movie poster. The TF cover features Sideswipe, Prowl, Swoop, First Aid, Brainstorm, Bombshell and Scrapper and the GI Joe cover features Major Bludd and Duke. The reason we have chosen these specific characters to grace the covers is because they were all voiced by legendary voice actor Michael Bell who will be joining us at the convention, signing comics, figures, DVDs etc…
Also joining us at the show will be the artists of both covers, penciler Casey Coller (who also pencilled TF Spotlight Drift, Spotlight Blurr and the Ironhide mini series as well as numerous All Hail Megatron covers) and colorist John-Paul Bove. Casey will be sketching all weekend and John-Paul will be able to color sketches all weekend too as well as both siging comics.
So with three top guests and two awesome Convention Exclusive Covers, make sure you visit the Apocalypse Comics booth (booth #2281) for your collectable must haves!!!”

Awesome news to hear!  Cartoon fans should love having a chance to meet and talk with Michael Bell.  Check out the exclusive covers below.

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