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With the SuperPages I’d done in the past, it was usually for a very finite event.  A movie release, a DVD release, a specific toyline theme, etc..  well, all indications are that G.I. Joe: Renegades may hopefully morph into something more (if all goes well).  It could be the television show, the toyline, dare we hope a video game, etc…
So to celebrate G.I. Joe’s return to network television, I’ve gone a little overboard with the latest SuperPage.  It can be found right here.
Expect news reports, character bios, video clips, episode guides, synopsis, reviews, etc…  the whole nine yards.  If I enjoy G.I. Joe: Renegades half as much as I think I will, there will be a ton of content there.  No fear, though, any specific updates will be announced on GeneralsJoes as well, all news reports will be mirrored here, and the main GeneralsJoes site will still get all of the attention it deserves.  It’s just that as I was working through the layout and design ideas for a Renegades SuperPage, I realized there was a lot more than would fit in one simple page.  However, I fully intend to not let it become unwieldy.  The beauty of the SuperPages has been the quick and easy access to information, and I strongly desire to keep that intact.
Anyway.  Check it out.  Let me know your thoughts.  Is it too much?  Is there other stuff you’d like to see?  It’s a continued work in progress.  Hopefully as undergoes its own transformation today, or shortly after, the Renegades SuperPage will continue its growth as well.