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Wow.  Something tells me the Collectors’ Club might be the biggest benefactor of Hasbro’s shift to non-Anniversary product, if this is any indication.
SNAKE EYES on is reporting that the 2011 GIJCC Incentive figure is none other than Dial Tone.  With a newly sculpted head and his familiar 1986 style, this fills a huge hole in the 1986 roster and I think will make a lot of fans very happy.
There are currently no images of the figure, but it was announced in the latest issue of the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club newsletter.  Kudos to the Club for getting a chance to explore the undone Anniversary figures, and this means nothing but good things for those fans who are clamoring for this stuff.  Makes me excited to see some Con Set reveal info, that’s for sure.
Check out the GIJoe Collectors Club site to join now and ensure that you get your hands on Dial Tone in 2011!  A big thanks to The Terror Drome Twitter page for the heads up.