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Larry Hama is quite the profilic poster over on his Facebook page, but doesn’t talk about G.I. Joe all that often.  Recently he put up a post about his upcoming work on G.I. Joe: Origins #19 and gave us a few minor little tidbits that I’m sure will whet everyone’s appetite for this upcoming issue:

“I took a stab at another silent Snake-Eyes story, but with
more complex visual storytelling and self-imposed parameters like keeping track
of ammo and ordnance expenditures. “Wrote” it and did
layouts. The amazing Joe Benitez did the finished art. It should be
on the stands in September.”

I’m really looking forward to checking this out.  Joe Benitez does awesome work, and it sounds like Larry was really invested in the story again this time around.  I think we’re in for a nice treat.