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IDW artist Tom Feister, best known for his work on the G.I. Joe: Origins covers was recently interviewed by Newsarama, and you can find the interview right here.
The discussion focuses on many things, but he also drops some cool clues about upcoming issues of G.I. Joe: Origins:

“The most recent cover I did for GI Joe Origins was a stretch for me. The storyline takes place in Bangaldesh — it’s about how COBRA recruits new soldiers. My editor, Carlos Guzeman, and I started talking about doing some propaganda type posters for the arc. I really didn’t want to do more of the WWII style images. It’s been done to death, and I wanted to try something new. We started talking about the propoganda art from Communist China. It’s very creepy. Everything is very bright and the people are all very happy. A little too happy. I thought that given what I knew about Bangladesh, and the colors and images I’ve seen it might be a good fit. So I applied the Chinese propoganda art to the cover for Cobra… Am I rambling?”

The conversation also brings the cover image to the aforementioned G.I. Joe: Origins issue, which is a very cool looking image.
Check out the full interview at, and a big thanks to Jeff Bohn for the info.