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The countdown continues…  as the Hub’s Twitter Page has stated, only 59 days to go until the big debut of The Hub, and already the online home of the new Hasbro and Discovery co-owned channel is putting up some images and details of the upcoming animated series.
Of course, you can find the entry for G.I. Joe: Renegades right here.  Details are below:

“Branded as renegades for crimes they did not commit, a heroic group of young G.I.s is forced to “turn fugitive” as they battle to clear their names, and expose the evil that is Cobra Industries — a seemingly benevolent mega-corporation covertly controlled by a rogues gallery intent on creating a New World Order.”

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A big thanks to SNAKE EYES from for digging up the intel.
Yeah, I’m a little fired up over here.  Can’t wait for G.I. Joe to hit the animated circuit again, and by all accounts, everyone involved has an accomplished resume in the field.  I think the folks who are excited are going to be even more excited, and even some of the folks not so excited are gonna start getting turned around.  Good stuff coming.