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A little while ago I put some focus on a very cool 12″ Resolute Snake Eyes.  Well, the guy who made it was selling it, and GeneralsJoes contributor Hawkwinter got his hands on it!  Following, you can see his thoughts on this impressive looking custom of the coolest Snake Eyes figure evah!
This is a custom 12” Resolute Snake Eyes made by Toyphilia. (E-Bay seller name)
This stunning and incredibly accurate version of  Snake Eyes was made using the Marvel Icons Punisher figure as a base. Resolute Snake Eyes detail was then added by adding epoxy putty and some attention to detail sculpting. Figure was then air brushed and hand-painted.
The big draw for someone like me is not only that this is based on the awesome Resolute version of Snake Eyes but that it’s exactly like the 3 3/4” figure just larger. I generally do not like the 12” figures as I find their clothes awkward looking and they just don’t look as cool as the 3 3/4” figures. Well this one does.
Now if only there were a matching  Storm Shadow…….

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