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The Red Shadows are back and more dangerous than ever! To secure an alliance with Cobra, the Black Major must demonstrate the power of his mind-altering chemical weapons to Cobra Commander and Flint is the perfect guinea pig. Now a handful of G.I.Joe and Action Force agents must stop the Red Shadows and save Flint before he goes irrevocably insane. With amazing cover art by famed G.I. Joe artist Tim Seeley.
Tim Seeley provides an amazing cover for this exciting Red Shadows story, based on the 2010 G.I.Joe convention exclusive figure set! Interior art by G.I. Joe artist Sheldon Goh. Featuring exclusive character Dossiers and other bonus content.
Price: $4.95 Pages 32
Walk, Run, Drive to or Call your local comic shop and make sure to ask them to order the GI JOE VS COBRA FALL SPECIAL: VACATION IN THE SHADOWS!