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Or, to fuel your fanboy rage, whichever you prefer.  Honestly the amount of venom, hatred, and downright hostility towards a cartoon that nobody HAS EVEN SEEN YET is amazing to me.  Sure, you can have your opinions about the look, that’s fair game.  But I’m seeing people blindly proclaim that the whole cartoon “sucks” that it’s not “going to last a season” and that it’s going to drive the G.I. Joe brand into a downward spiral.
I mean, come on.  Don’t we all agree that the line art, while rough, looks like nothing compared to the actual animation.  You know, the actual animation that’s going to be shown every time Renegades airs?
Yes, the detail is simplified.  Just as every single animated series has been since Batman in the early 90’s.  Yes, the proportions are exaggerated.  Just like every single animated series has been since Batman in the early 90’s.
How about we give the cartoon a shot, huh?  I heard a lot of Star Wars fans bitching about Clone Wars before it aired.  How many of them are bitching now?  I heard legions of Transfans groaning when promotional images were shown of Transformers: Animated, and it’s now a highly regarded part of Tranformers animated lore.  How about we at least WATCH the thing, and then judge it.  Is that too much to ask?
Just to add more fuel to the fire, here are some more images, which I’m excited about, but apparently I’m in the minority.  These were uncovered by Steevy Maximus over at, who found them within in the advertising section, and the sneak peeks.  Personally, I can’t wait for October 10th.  And I have a feeling folks who at least give the series a shot will find a lot to enjoy if they can get over rough image designs and follow the animation.  Speaking of the animation, also has a short video of their upcoming features, Renegades among them.  No new animation, but better quality than what we saw at San Diego ComicCon.  You can check it out at Hubworld’s Main Page.

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