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So, we now know the date and place for the 2011 G.I. Joe Convention, which of course means that the guessing will start taking place!  Well, over on the GI Joe Collectors’ Club forums, “The Commander” has made our jobs at least a little bit easier.
A single thread has been created over there where they plan on posting information about the exclusive set for the upcoming 2011 convention, and so far they’ve given us two clues, albeit very minor ones.

“1) The set will contain 25A-style figures!
2) We are not revisiting a previous Convention set!”

So begins the game!
I know when they first announced that the o-ring figure convention sets were getting phased out, I was disappointed.  But it’s become quite evident that there is so limited a selection of tooling that really, we would only be shoe-horned into a very limited canvas that the club could work with.  As I see the Pursuit of Cobra surge forward, with Renegades looming in the distance, and think about all of the 25th Anniversary homage stuff that’s still hanging out there, I can think of a wealth of great things the Club can do with the new selection of tooling.
Hell, maybe they’ll even dip their toes into the Resolute pool?  One can only dream.
Regardless, they have so many more options with the new tooling format that I find it hard to complain, and I can’t help but get excited to see what they can do with this new format (when they’re not simply revisiting a set from years past).  Don’t disappoint me, Collectors’ Club!  😉