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Some enterprising Joefans have jumped on a few eBay sales offering early releases of the Sgt. Slaughter SDCC exclusive, and some pics are starting to emerge.  Over on, both Bionic Commando and Gyre-Viper have posted some images, mint on card and loose both.  Old friend of GeneralsJoes cmderinchief has also posted a couple of images on his Facebook page as well.  I’ve mirrored the images below.
I know some folks are a bit on the fence, but I dig this figure.  He looks cool, old school, but still accurate to Sarge’s physical…  prowess.  Sure, it would have been cool to have him stacked and jacked like he was in the cartoon, but there’s something humorous about this figure, and appropriately cheesy.  Of course the mid-torso joint does disrupt some of the flow, which is an issue.  But articulation must always come first, in my opinion.

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Regardless, I’ll be looking forward to at least trying to get my hands on these figures when SDCC comes around.