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Somewhat overdue, Comic Book Resources has posted a recap of the IDW and Hasbro SDCC Panel, though honestly not much new G.I. Joe related information was revealed.  Below you can find the text of the recap, which was pulled from CBR directly.

“Schmidt nicknamed September’s “G.I.Joe Origins”#19 “Silent Crescendo” as it features a silent Snake-Eyes story by Larry Hama and Joe Benitez. Hama noted that he actually choreographed the fight sequences for the layouts with weapons from his own collection. IDW will also release a recolored reprint of the classic G.I.Joe story “Silent Interlude” with a new cover by Ashley Wood as a retailer incentive.
“G.I.Joe Origins” #20 in October by David Lapham and Werther Dell’Edera will feature “Sedition By Numbers,” a story that introduces a new character and “a horrifying insight into the Cobra organization.”
In the last week of September, IDW will publish “G.I.Joe Cobra Special” by Mike Costa and Antonio Fuso that will feature fan favorite character Erika Le Tene in “The Trial Of Erika Le Tene.” The story will pick up where the events in IDW’s “G.I.Joe: Cobra” left off while “G.I.Joe: Cobra” Issues #10 through #13 by Christos Gage, Mike Costa and Antonio Fuso finishes the Cobra Commander & Chuckles trilogy. The subsequent storyline of the series will feature the origin of the Croc-Master.
Schmidt joked that the storyline in issue #23 through #27 of the ongoing “G.I.Joe” series by Chuck Dixon and Robert Atkins would be entitled “Critical Mass…or Mass Destruction” and noted that the storyline not only concluded “Season One” of “G.I.Joe” but also introduced Storm Shadow to current Joe continuity.”

So, as I said, not a whole lot of new information, but some information, just the same.  Check out the original article over on Comic Book Resources for cover images and other little tidbits.