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We’ve got new packaged images of all our GI Joe Pursuit of Cobra preorders, and they look fantastic! Stop by and check them out, then make sure to preorder so that you don’t miss out on these sure-to-be amazing toys!
For all you Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans out there, we’ve got updated images for all our 2010 Clone Wars preorders. Buy them now so you won’t have to worry about hunting them down later!
We know you love action figures, but if you aren’t buying Lego sets too, you’re missing out on a lot of fun. Check out these new Star Wars and Harry Potter Lego sets, which are sure to keep you entertained for days to come!
The final new preorder available this week is the 2010 BotCon Exclusive Transformers Timelines Generation 2: Redux box set, featuring five cool Generation 2 inspired figures that will help you relive a long lost era in toys.
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