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With the reveals of every Pursuit of Cobra figure through spring, 2011, some folks (myself included) were questioning just what Hasbro would talk about during the San Diego ComicCon.  Well, that question has been answered. has posted an updated schedule of events and featured on the Thursday block is the following panel information:

“1:00-2:00 Hasbro GI Joe— The Hasbro design and marketing teams and representatives from Hasbro Studios — including Derryl DePriest (Hasbro Marketing),John Warden (Hasbro Design), Aaron Archer (Hasbro Brand IP Development), Jeff Kline (executive producer, G.I. Joe Renegades), and Michael Vogel (Hasbro Studios) — discuss new initiatives for Hasbro’s G.I. Joe brand. Fans won’t want to miss details from the showrunner and members of the creative team for the new G.I. Joe Renegadesanimated television series coming to The Hub network this fall! Also includes Q&A time. Room 25ABC
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With John Warden in attendance, there will no doubt be some Pursuit of Cobra talk as well, but I think everyone is waiting to hear more about Renegades, which could prove to be G.I. Joe’s resurgence into television animation after nearly two decades of obscurity.  No, Sigma 6 does not count (as much as I hate to admit it).